Foodmento is a robust mobile platform where anyone can organize, discover, and share the best dishes around the world and connect with the people who love them.

Whether it's finding the best dishes at a popular restaurant or discovering what your friends loved nearby, Foodmento gives people access to the best dishes loved at any price point in major cities around the world. Over time, using accurate data about people, dishes and preferences, Foodmento is best positioned to connect people over the food they love.

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Follow & recommend

Eating good food brings people together. That’s why Foodmento is so social.

Follow. You can follow your friends or other cool people. When they find great new dishes, so do you.

Recommend. You can recommend any dish to your friends on Foodmento. When you do, they will receive a notification. When they want or love the dish, you will be notified. You can also share on Facebook, Twitter, via email or SMS.


Search & discover

Discover. Discover dishes your friends have loved nearby or select from 35+ cities. As you add your favorites, let Foodmento surprise you based on what you love and want.

Search. If you know exactly what you want, just search and view all dishes on a map.

Build your memory

History. You can easily access all your past eats in a beautiful visual history.

Lists. It's easy to add dishes to a list. You can create your own or follow lists created by others. Soon, you will have the right list of dishes for every occassion.

Insights. Over time, Foodmento can help you uncover insights valuable to you.

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